Friday, January 30, 2009

Ahh! Wine day at last!

That was a long week. Complete with the ice day, and cold winter weather all around. I found the beauty in it though. I was driving Will to school Thursday morning and there was still a nice bit of ice left over after the ice day on Wednesday. Taking the back roads to Will's school instead of the interstate just seems safer to me with the two young bucs in tow. We were driving through a nice neighborhood around here and I realized that the beauty of January lies in the early morning. Before the fog burns off the air you feel the crisp of the cold and the light rising hits the ice at an angle that doesn't go directly to you eye but slightly off from you sight pulling you to look around even more. I drove slow that morning. It took me an hour both ways. This morning I was sad for day I lost! The ice was all gone today. It was still pretty though, because I found it. I can't believe I found beauty in January!

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