Monday, January 26, 2009

Locked Inside the House

I locked myself inside the house today. You see, I started my day at least an hour late. My husband woke me up at 7am telling me what time it was. I, shocked, said "no way", but it was already that late in the morning. I quickly got in the shower, threw on some clothes (oh, you know running shorts at hooded knit shirt, running shoes and wet hair... it's 32 degrees today)and ran to the kitchen to make Owen's breakfast. Then I ran upstairs just to hear Owen start screaming. However, I had already planned on getting Will up and ready first. So as Owen starts really getting into his screaming I yank the covers off Will who says "NOOO" with his eyes still closed. Oh crap, Will's bed is sopping wet with pee. Owen is still screaming. I say, "If you get up quickly you can get in the shower and we'll have time to stop for a donut on the way to school". Bribing Will is the best way to get him going in the morning and really it is quicker for him to eat in the car anyway, not to mention donuts are pretty cheap. So, finally I get Owen and the three of us go downstairs. I get Will in the shower and hand him the soap. I take Owen to feed him cereal and applesauce. I tell Will "three more minutes" but he's not ready to get out. I remind him with the donut. I dress Owen and then turn the water off Will. He didn't use soap, but I was really ok with this for now. He gets out pretty good, we make a joke about him not using soap which keeps him in a good mood. He gets dressed, we get in the car. My alarm goes off. Crap, I've got to get the trash and tuition which is one day late today because I forgot, and forgot, and then forgot again last week. I get the checkbook, I run the trash can down to the street. Ahhh, I finally sit in the car and drive. I run into the donut shop to get Will a pink donut at his request and again we're off. OH, but I running a little early and I so just remembered my gift card that I got for christmas so I go to starbucks! But the line is so long and time is ticking. I get my coffee, and race to school. We make it! On time by 2 minutes! I have the check in my hand, but I start talking to Ms. Johnson. I always tell Will bye, but he never turns to look, or say bye to me. And we're off, again. Crap, the check is in my hand. Oh well, I'll hand it in at pick-up, after all, it is already late.

I sing in the car and have a great 10 minute drive home. When I get in I run up and get Will's bedding, I put the mattress pad in first and decided to throw some other whites in with it which happened to be towels. This was my first mistake. I closed the door to the laundry room so I could hear my music playing better. Owen was happy sitting on the floor playing with some toys so I was running around in a mad dash to recover the house from the weekend. I tried to open the door to the laundry room. Crap, the washer is off balance and in the middle of the laundry room. I can't push the door open. I'm stuck. My car is on the other side inside the locked garage. I don't have a spare garage door opener in the house. Ok, I'm ok. I'll figure this out. Owen starts grumping. Oh no, it's time for Owen's bottle. My new can of formula is in the car (damn why did I quit breastfeeding). I can't get Owen's food. I won't be able to pick Will up. I can't get to the hinges on the door. I have even misplaced my copy of the front door key. I'll call Luke and see if he has any ideas. Luke laughs and says he can stop by and grab some formula on the way. I feel bad, I'm always calling him and bothering him for help. He can't fix my problem but at least I have milk now. I break down and call Chris who is really busy at work. He says he can come home on his lunch and open the door. He works all the way downtown so I feel really bad.

Ahhhhh, but I am finally free. I can get out now. I am clostrophobic so that was really not a good feeling! What a Monday!

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